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Awning Window
Awning Window

Screen is on inside and
window cranks out.

Bay Window
Bay Window

Shown with optional interior
grills (between the glass).
Bays come with either
white melamine or oak
veneer head & seat.

Bow Window
Bow Window

Bow units are either 4 or 5 lite
(meaning the number of
windows that make up the
overall unit). As with bays,
interior will be either white
melamine or oak veneer
for the head & seat.

Casement Windows
Casement Windows

Screen is on the inside
and window cranks out.
Windows are either left
or right hinge depending
on application/customer


North Star windows are
available in the following
exterior colours: White, Cream
Brown, Hickory (Clay), and
Sandlewood. Interior colour is
White or customer's may opt
for the new oak laminate.

Corner Cutaway
Corner Cutaway

Picture shows a cross section
of a casement style window.
Note the multi-chamber design
for strength and insulating value.

Double Hung
Double Hung

Vertical operating window
where both sashes operate
up and down respectively.
Both can tilt in for manual


A simple design that provides
excellent value for basement
rooms that are unused but
where customer wants some
ventilation and an energy
efficient window.

Oak Interior
Oak Interior

North Star's new oak interior
provide a new option for the
inside look of your new
vinyl windows.

Patio Door
Patio Door

North Star patio door provides
energy efficiency as well as
ease of operation.

Picture Window
Picture Window

Used as single units or joined
together with casements to form
larger livingroom style windows.

Oak Interior 2
Oak Interior 2

Another picture of North Star's
new oak interior. This time on
a bay window with oak
head & seat.

Architectural Windows
Architectural Windows

North Star can manufacture
many different shaped
windows including half
moon, elipse top, and quarter
arches to name just a few.

Single Hung Shaped Window
Single Hung Shaped Window

North Star manufactures
shaped windows that operate
as well. Lower sash will open
to provide ventilation.


A side view cutaway of
a double hung style window.

Single Hung Window
Single Hung Window

Only the lower sash
operates but still provides
the same quality as all of
North Star's windows.

Side Slider Lift Out
Side Slider Lift Out

Side slider window where
the sashes can be lifted
out for manual cleaning.

Slider Tilt
Slider Tilt

Side slider tilt window where
both sashes operate and
can be tilted to the inside
for manual cleaning.

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